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The Travel Photo Pocketbook

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A Collection of Black and White Photographs from An Artist’s Travels Through Western and Eastern Europe. Over 275 photographs in 107 pages! + Essential photography tips included at the back of the book! FREE PDF DOWNLOAD! Imitated time only.


Cristian S. Aluas

School Founder, Artist, Teacher

Cristian taught art to children and adults for nine years before opening Masterpiece Art School in Ottawa, Canada. Working as a freelance artist since 2002, the school was the perfect outlet to share what he learned in his career and give back to the arts community. Cristian's specialties in comics and manga, illustration and painting, and his passion for sharing his ideas, made for very popular classes and some very enthusiastic and loyal students. The school offered seasonal after-school programs, summer camps, and workshops. Since moving to the U.S. in 2013, the school developed a great online resource of video-based art lessons and webinars. As of 2023, Cristian has over 20 years of experience as a professional artist, illustrator, writer, animator, and career consultant. His expertise and love for art is unmatched. Please take a look around at the courses offered and sign up to learn and have fun!

Online courses and books about art and freelancing.

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Digital Plein Air Painting with ProCreate

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Spring, Summer, and Fall are great seasons to get outside with your iPad Pro and do some Plein Air painting! (Plein air painting is when you paint outside, usually done with tradition paints.) On those rainy days or Winter days, you can hop into a local museum. There are several examples of studies from those days as well. Try the many fun ProCreate brushes and techniques and make some cool impressionistic studies!



These are all the video book reviews and artist drawings and analysis, before it gets uploaded. Watch them all here FREE! 


As a highly gifted artist, Cristian provides users with practical, easy-to-relate-to breakdowns of the painting process making it easy to achieve success for yourself. The opportunity to ask questions of the artist while working through the course at your own pace provides valuable and applicable input.
Cristian does an amazing job at delivering easy to follow instructions on core skills needed to be an efficient comic and manga artist. From anatomy to perspective and storytelling, the building blocks are all there and for more advanced artists, it serves as a refresher. I myself enjoyed re-studying techniques that I don't use as often in my own work but should. I recommend this book to whoever wants to to jumpstart their learning of comic and manga drawing. 
The instructor is obviously very passionate about the field and some of the stories he tells about his experiences are worth the time it will take you to do the course. 
As a visual artist I realize the challenge of finding opportunities to make and sell art. This course, taught by an expert, addresses all the topics I have been facing. Excellent course!

The Ultimate FREELANCING Course

Cristian S. Aluas shares his 20 years of experience as a freelance artist, designer, writer, animator, and filmmaker. Phenomenal information for anyone that wants to make a career as a creative freelancer! Over30 hours of content and sales techniques! Includes 12 hours of FREE one-on-one mentoring + hands-on help with winning projects and commissions!

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Easy and Fun CARTOONING TECHNIQUES for Drawing Comics and Manga (Book)

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This awesome new book features the Ultimate Cheat Sheets and Illustration Tips for Drawing Anatomy, Perspective, Shading, Page Composition, Comic Book Covers, and more! "Easy and Fun CARTOONING TECHNIQUES for Drawing Comics and Manga" is coming out September 1st but it's available here before anywhere else!

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Introduction to Anatomy for Drawing Comics and Manga

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Originally recorded as an exclusive webinar, this informative course provides the perfect starting point for understanding anatomy. Based on the popular new book, these techniques are very useful for drawing comics and manga. Come along for this one hour course, and learn from Cristian Aluas, as he takes you through the best tips for understanding character design, propositions, and muscles. Sign up and watch it now!

Mixed Media Illustrations! - FUN & EXCITING NEW METHOD!

Portraits, landscapes, abstract expressions... using simple art supplies. Many video examples are shown of mixed media illustrations on paper, with insightful commentary. 

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Audiobook of "IT'S A LIVING: Surviving as a Freelancer in the 21st Century"

    Better than Audible because you can download the files! With 18 years of professional experience, New York City based artist Cristian S. Aluas shares with you his life lessons, while teaching excellent sales techniques.

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    PDF of "IT'S A LIVING: Surviving as a Freelancer in the 21st Century"

      One of the best books for artists ever written. A perfect mix of the memoir genre with a how-to guide. FULL-COLOUR digital download as a PDF file. 


      You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

      How can I learn from the courses?

      Simple. Sign up to any course and watch the videos. You learn at your own pace and there are often no tests. If you have questions, add your comments or contact the instructor. 

      What can I learn?

      Masterpiece Art School specializes in art courses. Students can learn techniques in a field of art and career mentoring as a professional artist too.

      What is this school?

      Masterpiece Art School is a registered LLC owned and operated by Cristian S. Aluas, a professional full-time artist with over 20 years of experience.